CEREC® Crowns

What is CEREC?
Cerec dentistry is the most exciting development in the dental field in the last few years.  Cerec is a CAD-CAM dentistry technology that includes use of 3 different components and allows for single visit all porcelain crowns and other dental restorations. The components are as follows:
  • Acquisition unit:  An extremely sophisticated camera that is attached to a computer is used to take pictures of the natural teeth and teeth prepared for dental restoration.
  • Computer:  The images are uploaded into the CEREC software and then a crown, onlay, inlay or filling are designed on the computer.
  • Milling Unit:  The finished design is wirelessly transmitted to an in office milling chamber.  One of the many material we have available to us is inserted in the chamber and then and exact replica of that design is milled out.

When the milling process is complete your beautiful new restoration can be bonded in at the same appointment.

Benefits of Cerec:

  • No goopy impressions
  • No temporary crowns
  • No second appointment
  • A fun and interactive appointment.  Patients are able to see their crown be designed and milled right in the office.  The patients love them almost as much as we do!