A crown (or cap) is needed when enough tooth structure is missing that a filling is not a strong enough restoration.  When over 50-60% of the biting surface of a tooth is missing, a crown is indicated.  Crowns involve select removal of tooth structure in 3 dimensions. The result is a tooth stump that a crown may be cemented onto.  The crown distributes force, to prevent the remaining tooth structure from weakening and fracture.

Indications for crowns:

  • Broken teeth
  • Esthetic improvement of teeth
  • Very large fillings
  • Root canal teeth – when a root canal is done, the blood supply to the tooth is removed.  The remaining tooth structure becomes brittle over time and is very susceptible to catastrophic fracture, which can lead to tooth loss.  Crowns prevent this.

The crowns fabricated at DDS are all porcelain crowns that result in restorations of unmatched strength and esthetics.  The best part is that with our Cerec technology, these crowns are completed in one visit.  For more information, please visit the Cerec crown section of our website.