It has been clearly illustrated over the years that periodontal disease plays a role in other general health issues:


There is a direct link between diabetes and periodontal disease.  Diabetic patients with uncontrolled periodontal disease have a more difficult time controlling their blood sugars.  And visa versa, patients with poorly controlled blood sugars have a much more difficult time getting rid of periodontal disease.  So in a diabetic patient good control of sugar level and excellent oral health are a must!

Heart Disease

We have known for years that patients with periodontal disease are at risk for cardiovascular disease.  So pick up the tooth brush and floss, it will aid in keeping you heart healthy!

Pregnancy Complications

Women in general are at increased risk of developing periodontal disease because of hormone fluctuations that occur during puberty, pregnancy and menopause.  Research suggests that pregnant women suffering from periodontal disease are more at risk of preeclampsia and delivering underweight, premature babies.

Respiratory Illness

Bacteria from the mouth can be aspirated into the lungs causing such issues as aspiration pneumonias and making COPD worse.