5 stars! Dr Zimmerman and staff ….Thank you for making me feel right at home!! What a great group of people ~ Kind and an Awesome sense of humor!!
Judy Saulevics Billy
“I love Downtown Dental and Dr. Z and staff are great”
Jim Ritter
“Many thanks to the wonderful staff in this office.It’s been almost a year but my new tooth looks great.My hat’s off to your caring so much for your patients…..Fran”
Francena Parthemore
Best first visit! I have a great sense of confidence in the course of action we are about to embark on. It’s so hard to find great doctors when you have an Auto immune disease worse when you have to explain it, but to find one who knows about it and dealt with it, is fantastic. The whole staff just made me feel so comfortable today.
Beth DeWitt
Dr. Mead did a phenomenal job grafting my lower gums this past October. To add to that he was able to do it without having to remove the donor tissue from my palate, but instead using a processed graft (Alloderm I thnk?)! Dr. Zimmerman’s been doing my routine care for of a number of years now and has always done a thorough job. The hygienists are also excellent and gentle with routine cleanings. An all-star staff, up-to-date technology, and cutting-edge techniques at this office, you will not be disappointed!
Grzegorz Ćwikła
Dr. Mead and all I met who helped….JoAnne, Paula, Tina, Christina,….. wonderful people. Made me welcome, comfortable, and the center of their attention from start to finish. Courteous, friendly, informative, understanding, and most essential, caring. Plus, throughout it all, you get to stare at the fantastic ceilings of one of the most beautiful buildings in downtown Syracuse build in 1897. Not your normal dentist office! Highly recommended!
Bob Reaves
The team at DDS is caring, knowledgeable, and attentive. The staff is friendly and always go out of their way to make sure I’m comfortable. Through the periodontal therapy I’ve received at DDS, my dental and overall health have greatly improved. My teeth and gums also look and feel better. Dr. Mead equipped me with everything I need to easily maintain the incredible progress I’ve made in between cleanings and checkups. He’s gone above and beyond to find solutions to several challenging dental issues I’ve had, employing new technologies to get them fixed quickly and beautifully. Best dentist I’ve ever had!
Erin Nowak
I’ve been going to Downtown Dental in Syracuse for at least 20 years. It’s not often I write a public review endorsing a business – but Dr. Mead and Dr. Zimmerman have been exceptional to me and several friends I have referred over the years. They offer outstanding and affordable dental care, and have a beautiful office located in Syracuse. Their front office staff are very professional and easy to work with – and they will help you with anything you need. They have been very helpful to me in the past with questions regarding my Dental Insurance. The hygienists are amazing, and the entire staff communicates with you exactly when your appointments are, and what’s going to take place at your appointments. The text messages reminding me of my appointments are great, and I appreciate that Dr. Mead and Dr. Zimmerman and their staff are always on time for my scheduled appointments. In addition, both Doctors are very cool guys who I often see out in the community at Church or at games in the Dome. I appreciate that they go above and beyond what is expected of a Dentist to provide a great Dental experience. I often get compliments about my teeth or my smile – Thank you Downtown Dental!
Kim Hall
An urban, technologically up-to-date and professional environment coupled with caring and friendly staff make Downtown Dental Syracuse a great place to get my dental care. Dr. Mead is gentle, friendly and explains things well so that I always feel like I know what’s going on. I’ve especially enjoyed being part of the process of designing my Cerec crowns on the computer and watching them being created before my eyes. A crown in 90 minutes. One appointment. No fuss, no muss. Totally worth it for me.
Friar Rick Riccioli
If I could give this practice 6 stars, I would. They are truly that good! The entire staff is exceptional. From the warm welcomes upon entering to the hands on meticulous care provided by the dental assistants and Dr. Tyler Mead, everyone makes visiting this office a surprisingly pleasant experience. I haven’t had any work done by Dr. Zimmerman, but I imagine he provides similar outstanding service. If you are in the market for a new dental care provider, look no further. Dr. Mead and the staff at Downtown Dental are the best around!
Myra Maxwell
I originally saw Dr. Mead due to a dental emergency. This was an unplanned visit. We had never met before. He came recommended. Dr. Mead and his staff were swift and adept at addressing my issue. Dr. Mead is detailed, knowledgeable and fair with price point. Later, I went back to Dr. Mead for a routine cleaning. Though I have a different dentist, in a different geographic region, his office still accepted me and performed the requested cleaning. I was not pressured to accept imaging I did not need or desire. Moreover, I was back in my office within 30 minutes. Overall, you will find this practice to be grounded on good business practices with a passion for pleasing those who take pride in their oral health.
Angelo Roefaro
I’ve been through several dentists since I was a kid, Dr. Mead is by far the best dentist I’ve ever had! I’ve been seeing him for a couple years now. Several cleanings and one filling later I’m still very happy with all my experiences there. He has also helped me get rid of my tension headaches by fitting me for a night mouthguard, a problem I didn’t even realize I had until it was fixed! The staff are very friendly and personable and make me feel comfortable. Highly recommended!
Jaime Hammerschmidt
About two years ago our family began seeing Dr Mead. Dr Mead merges cutting edge technology and great technique to provide excellent dental care. He is fantastic with our kids. Going to the Dentist is no longer a chore but an enjoyable experience. The staff are very nice, the text reminders about appointments are very helpful and we never have to wait for our appointment they are always on time. Thanks Dr Mead 🙂
Ken Livingston
No one likes going to the dentist! However visits to Dr Mead are a real pleasure for the cleanings and fillings I’ve had done. Dr Mead listened to my issues surrounding my TMJ and after a thorough initial examination put into place a treatment plan with some innovative suggestions to deal with a long term issue I have had with my jaw. We could not be happier with our new Dental Practice and I recommend Dr Mead to all of my family and friends.
Beth-Ann Wise