At Downtown Dental Syracuse, you will have available to you all of the services provided by a traditional general dentist practice, plus so much more.

Our focus is on being extremely thorough, preventing disease before it starts, early intervention and many treatment options that will best suit the individual patient.

Did you know that very small (incipient) cavities can many times be fixed without doing fillings? This process is called remineralization.  Regular x-rays are critical, in that, the cavities must be caught early on for this to work.  This is one way in which early intervention can greatly benefit a patient.  Furthermore, if a filling does need to be done, the smaller the filling, the better for the long term outcome of that tooth!

Another example of early intervention is with regard to periodontal disease.  That is why we developed a sophisticated periodontal treatment protocol.  Once gum tissues progress from healthy, to gingivitis, to periodontal disease, the attachment and support of the teeth is compromised.  We like to catch this early and treat it quickly, because bone loss from periodontal disease occurs, that bone is gone forever!

However, preventing disease before it starts is always the best option.  This requires careful attention, excellent compliance with dental visits and care, and teamwork by both the patient and the dental providers.

Preventing dental disease starts at home with good oral hygiene and a balanced diet.  Did you know that sugar is not what causes cavities?  The acid that is the by-product when bacteria eat sugar causes cavities.  So if you are drinking diet soda, which is very acidic, but has no sugar, you are still exposing your teeth to an acidic environment!

A comprehensive preventative program, such as the one you will find at DDS, includes regular dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, as well as sealants and fluoride.  Also, by preventing these disease processes, you can help avoid irreversible and sometimes costly dental procedures.  By focusing on prevention, not only can you have a beautiful smile, but also a healthy one!