Fluoride is not only for kids!  People who are susceptible to cavities can have highly effective fluoride varnish applications at their hygiene visits. These fluoride applications can help fix small cavities, prevent new cavities and help any existing dental work last longer.

For children growing up without fluoridated water, systemic fluoride drops or tablets can help strengthen developing adult teeth.  If you don’t have fluoride in your water, ask us about systemic fluoride.

Fluoride effectively works on the smooth surfaces of teeth, but what about all those grooves in your teeth?  Since it is impossible for a toothbrush to reach the bottom of those grooves , we fill up the grooves with a flow-able filling material to seal them off.  This is what dental sealants are.

So by sealing off the grooves and fortifying the smooth surfaces, sealants and fluoride provide a powerful combination to prevent dental decay.