We are able to comprehensively treat pediatric patients at DDS.  Occasionally, some children need to be referred to a pediatric dentist, but those cases are pretty rare.

The most important part of working with kids is limiting anxiety and fear and providing a fun and safe atmosphere for them.   A very gradual approach is taken with all kids.  In fact many times the first visit is free and involves nothing more than a ride in the dental chair and having some fun.  At subsequent visits we can count teeth, examine them, start the tooth cleaning process, introduce fluoride treatments, sealants and x-rays.  How much is done and how soon it occurs depends on the child and that is ok.  We are interested in growing patients who have positive feelings about visiting the dentist.

On top of all the traditional dental services that we can provide children, additional pediatric services include:

  • Full orthodontic services – Dr. Zimmerman went orthodontic classes for general dentists for 2 years and provides traditional orthodontic services and Invisalign for children and adults.
  • Nitrous Oxide – For the anxious patient, Dr. Mead can administer “laughing gas” to be able to provide the services needed in a relaxed and comfortable fashion.

We love kids and they love us, so don’t be afraid to bring your kids along!