A denture, or “plate”, is a prosthetic device for patients without any teeth.  A series of impressions and try-in appointments are needed to create an accurate and well fitting denture.  Care must be taken to set the patients bite at the right level and ensure that the denture teeth are of the right size, shape and color.  Furthermore, developing proper speech is crucial in a good denture.  Upper and lower dentures rely on trying to create intimate contact with the patients remaining jaw bone to achieve as much suction and retention as possible.

In many cases, dental implants are placed in the jaw so that the dentures can snap in and out and fit much more retentively than traditional dentures. This can allow for better chewing function.

Partial dentures are similar to dentures in that they are prosthetic devices.  However, “partials,” clasp on to a few remaining teeth to to help stabilize and retain the partial.  Similar to a denture, they need to be taken in and out of the mouth and left out at night.