Ideal hygiene would really be brushing after every time you eat and flossing every day.  While that can be difficult, the old guideline of brush twice a day and floss daily is a good starting point.


Using a soft bristled tooth brush use a gentle passive pressure circular motion around all aspects of the teeth and to the gums.  Medium and hard bristle tooth brushes as well as a forceful horizontal scrubbing motion are not needed to to properly clean your teeth and will only damage your gums. This should take at least two minutes.  Also consider using and Oral-B electric toothbrush.  The rotary-oscillating motion of this device has been shown to be superior with regard to plaque removal and periodontal health than other electric toothbrushes.


Use 18 inches of floss.  Wrap around both of your index fingers.  Slide the floss in between 2 adjacent teeth and gently wrap the floss around one of the teeth in a C-shape fashion and gently move the floss up and down, going underneath the gums.  Prior to taking the floss out, wrap the floss around the other tooth in a  C-shape fashion and repeat.  Do this in between all teeth.

This is a great starting point, however some people need to increase the frequency in which these are done on a daily basis to optimize oral health.

Most people are great about brushing, but don’t forget the floss!  Its as important, if not more.